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Thank You BioWare. For Everything.



It’s 12:27 AM on September 12th in BioWare Edmonton and I’m listening to Das Malefitz by Faunts. I know it’s late, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in the office. We’re shipping a video game. Non-conventional hours are understandable. I’m trying to find a picture of myself on a motorcycle as a toddler to prove a point to the Dragon Age art director, after an evening at the pub and answering emails to finalize details about Montreal Comiccon, Edmonton Expo, and Geek Girl Con.

Also, this will be my last day at BioWare.

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I tip my hat to you, my lady, not only for the work you’ve done, but also to the amazing person you are. My best wishes to you and all your endeavors.

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